In an interview with Joe Ageyo of Citizen Tv on Thursday Ruto said that Jubilee party had been hijacked by conmen and brokers.

He said that party vice-chairman David Murathe is leading the brokers behind the hijacking of the party.

Jubilee Party vice-chairman  David Murathe has kicked back to Deputy President William Ruto and asked him to resign and quit Jubilee Party.

Speaking during an interview with Ann Kigutia, Murathe said that he developed a bad blood with the Deputy President after they stopped his game plan to take control of Jubilee Party key organs ahead of the next election. “The DP had been positioning his people strategically. They want to install their own people all the way from constituency to county levels so that once national party organs are convened, they endorse him as the candidate. We had to rescue the party from such machination.” He said.

Deputy President William Ruto with Journalist Ageyo during an interview.

The rift between the president and his deputy is widening day and night since the truce between the president and ODM leader Raila Odinga. Recently, deputy president key solders were removed from the leadership of the Senate, National Assembly and from the key organs of the party, a move that the deputy president believes it is aimed to frustrate his 2022 presidential ambitions. 

Murathe has said that the Deputy Presidents 2022 desire for presidency has blinded him and they will prove to him he is not as smart as he thinks. He said that the DP had betrayed their trust.

“The deputy president kick-started a plan to take over all key organs of the party in the run-up to the elections by handing tickets to candidates sympathetic to his Presidential ambitions through manipulation of the nomination process.

According to the Presidents point man, President Kenyatta knew all this but maintained his silence and only reacted with the purge that saw all the deputy presidents allies kicked out of jubilee and leadership positions in Parliament.

Murathe has dared The Deputy President to quit as he has proven to be impatient and has become a thorn in the flesh of the President. Adding that if he thinks its over, then he should brace himself because they are just getting started.

On other hand, Murathe has warned the DP that this is only the beginning and he should be prepared to face more casualties and woes in the party. “Mambo bado, hii ni kionjo tu. You wait, atajua hajui (The game has yet to start, what you have seen is only a test run. We’ll prove to him that he’s not as smart as he thinks),” Said Murathe.

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