The National Assembly has approved Ms Nancy Janet Gathungu for the job of Auditor-General.

Ms Nancy Janet Gathungu

Its one year since Mr Edward Ouko, whose eight-year non-renewable term came to an end in August 2019 retired

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to appoint Ms Gathungu to succeed Mr Edward Ouko.whose eight-year non-renewable term came to an end in August 2019, a section of the MPs have questioned the appointment process.

Ouko’s eight-year non-renewable term came to an end in August 2019.He was

the first auditor-general under the 2010 Constitution.

Among the 17 nominees that the selection panel chaired by Mr Sammy Onyango recommended Ms Gathungu, 51, to President Kenyatta as not qualified for the job.

Yesterday Mr Mbadi noted that President Kenyatta has a difficult task explaining to Kenyans why a majority of his appointments including the Auditor-General, must come from a certain region.

“The President must address the doubts the Kenyans have in his government. That the State appointments are taking ethnic pattern.

“It is difficult to convince Kenyans that the best are only to be found in certain regions bearing certain names,” Mr Mbadi said.

Ms Gathungu is currently the Director of Audit at the Auditor-General’s office, a position she has held since February 2014.

Before then she was the deputy director of audit.

Former leader of majority Aden Duale (Garissa Township), who chairs the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said that the appointment of Ms Gathungu was long overdue as there are many pending audit reports awaiting her signature.

“Ms Gathungu is cut out for the job. She holds extensive knowledge of audit,” said Mr Duale, noting that the only challenge Ms Gathungu has is to inculcate the level of professionalism Mr Ouko inculcated in the office.

“She will need to embark on the audit process for the 2019/20 financial year without delay. She will also need to fast-track the completion of the pending special audits as directed by the National Assembly,” Mr Wandayi, whose PAC is a huge consumer of the audit reports, said. 

“She must uphold the high standards and professionalism for which the office has been known,” he said.

Mr Mbadi noted that Ms Gathungu is coming to the office with so many issues and question marks and that despite her failure to secure the job in the first attempt, she must demonstrate to Kenyans that the stone that was rejected finally became a cornerstone.

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