Some low moments in life could keep you away from the things you love or interact with on daily basis and just turn to God for help.

Apparently, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is going through a rough time in her political career with her fate lying with the Senate.

As hearing of her impeachment was going on today, 23rd June, one would have expected that the governor would pay maximum attention to her accusers.

Well, that was not entirely the case.

At one point, the county boss forgot all her tribulations and turned into her phone for some fun with it and probably relax the mind.

Waiguru was captured playing Solitaire, a mind boggling card game.

Basically, the card game can be played on a computer or a convenient smartphone with a deck of standard playing cards.

She was spotted arranging the cards as the impeachment debate went on.

In her defence, the former Devolution Cabinet Secretary denied all the allegations levelled against her by the MCAs.

Waiguru said that the county lawmakers are on a witch-hunt after she failed to give in to some of their demands.

She added that governors needed protecting from MCAs who she claimed that they are always after kickbacks for every tender awarded by the county.

“Impeachment and removal from office was never intended, and should never be based on falsities, innuendo, rumor, hearsay, conjecture, and certainly not malice,” her statement read.

According to the governor, a high profile politician is determined to soil her name for political reasons.

Kirinyaga MCAs accuse Waiguru of gross misconduct, corruption and micromanaging the county.

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