On Monday, June 22 Moses Kuria exposed the big four agendas of the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting.

President Kenyatta has convened PG meeting scheduled for Monday, June, 22 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).

According to a post seen by JIBAMBE.COM,from Moses Kuria’s official Facebook page,he has exposed the following.

Building Bridges Initiative. In contrast to 2010, we do not have a constitutional moment. Kenyans do not feel it. There is no oomph,” was the first agenda he exposed.

Moses Kuria noted that the zeal that was present in the 2010 elections was not there as people no longer “feel” President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The MP hinted that the ongoing purge is to pass the BBI through Parliament and also predicted some replacements with Amos Kimunya as the new Majority Leader who will move the BBI Bill in the National Assembly.

Muturi Kigano was predicted as the new Chair of the Justice & Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) who will scrutinize the BBI Bill at the Committee.

Kanini Kega is to be confirmed as the Chair of the Budget & Appropriations Committee that will pass a supplementary budget to divert the Ksh 57 Billion meant for Economic Stimulus and appropriate the same for a ‘sham’ Referendum.

UNVEILING DEEP STATE CHIEF JUSTICE.He noted that after Chief Justice (CJ) David Maraga’s term ends in December 2020 a Deep State CJ will be unveiled to not only agree to a repeat of the hiring process but also work on two other deliverables.

According to the lawmaker, the CJ will be scrapped in the BBI which will make it an uphill battle to file an election petition in such a judiciary.

IEBC TO BE RUN BY POLITICAL PARTIES.The Gatundu South MP stated that BBI report will recommend that IEBC commissioners be picked by political parties which he alleges has been Raila’s plan as he fought to introduced it in 2016 through the Kiraitu-Orengo Committee.

Moses Kuria believes that the rush to sign political coalitions was not only in a bid to fulfil the above but also to have a new look IEBC in place before the Referendum.

ZERO TOLERANCE TO DISSENCY, to ensure the first three stops for ‘Dictatorship Express’ are as smooth as possible, going forward we will see zero tolerance of any form of dissent,” revealed Moses Kuria.

He stated that the militarisation that has been carried out successfully in Nairobi County through the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) will be rolled out in other sectors in quick succession.

The lawmaker added that the most sensitive state organs being stewarded by the military and intelligence veterans, the scale-up of this militarisation will not pose a major challenge. 

With the first PG meeting three weeks ago since the 2017 General Elections, the vocal MP noted that the Monday meeting will set the ball rolling for ousting of “nuisance irritants” and dictatorship.

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