W Its now crystal clear that our economy is slowly going down due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, there seems to be a dispute between tenants and landlords on rent payment.

The Urban Landlords and Tenants of Kenya(ULTK) has, for this reason, served the government with new demands.

The ULTK Secretary-General Ephraim Murigo said that house cases have been pending in courts for three months now without clear resolutions.

A While pointing the finger to theCabinet Secretary in charge, without mentioning their name, the Sec General indicated that all the association is seeking is to have the Rent Restriction Tribunal created to settle the rental disputes.

Murigo further told the CS to step aside and pave the way for another holder who will be able to influence change in the sector.

Everything is handled in court, so when tenants report to the Union cases of landlords mishandling them, they file the claims in court expecting them to be handled from the experts’ level, which is the first level.

However, he said the courts don’t attend to the cases, and therefore many matters are still pending at the first stage in court.

Murigo has noticed that some landlords had used the delay to illegally auction out their tenants’ belongings and leaving them in the cold since the tenants didn’t have orders to stop their landlords from harassments.

Some landlords have complained that the house occupants have been falsely using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to delay rent.

This has led to the association resolving in developing a system where house owners would require tenants working details to avoid exploitation in the name of a pandemic.

UTLK has further requested the government to countercheck information of people who had claimed the inability to settle their rent arrears.

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