In a move staged to orchestrate and oppress teachers by the employer T.S.C in collaboration with KNUT,KEWOTA and KUPPET to provide non-existent medical insurance services to teachers is meant to milk teachers millions of money monthly by MINET,a multi billion company.

JIBAMBE.COM understands that teachers are deducted between Ksh954 and Ksh3,000 every month each to MINET insurance company.

Below is a summary of how teachers from each job group contribute to the MINET pool kitty.

Teachers in job group B5 (P1 teachers) have their monthly deductions at Ksh954 per teacher, while those in job group H contribute Ksh1,200 every month.

In job group K, the contribution per month per teacher range from Ksh1860 to Ksh1,897, while those in job group L contribute Ksh2,246.

Job group M teachers monthly deduction stands at Ksh2,688 while those in job group N contribute Ksh3,044.

Roughly every month the amount contribution is in excess KSH 337 annual payment to this medical scheme amounts to 4 billion.

This has turned out to be a ghost service because of its unavailability in some parts of the country.This makes the situation worse for teachers despite them paying for the services.

A teacher is quoted by JIBAMBE NEWS “While the scheme has some sound inpatient services, the outpatient services are terrible. You are limited to poor quality services offered by Bliss and Ladopharma. The services provided by these providers are low-quality drugs and poor diagnosis yet you cannot opt for any other.”

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