During yesterday’s briefing, the government further announced that 32 more patients had been discharged from hospitals, bringing the number of those who have recovered from Coronavirus to 1,253.Health Director General Patrick Amoth said he would send a circular to counties to remind them of the protocols on burial of Covid-19 victims.

The protocols, as released by the Ministry of Health in April, dictate that a body of a person who succumbs to Covid-19 should be buried within 48 hours.However, the government has been openly flouting these guidelines, whether the person dies from suspected Covid-19 or not, with the latest case being of Ohangla musician Abenny Jachiga, who was hurriedly buried on Friday night, sparking public outrage.“If you look at the transmission of Covid-19 against other infections, there is very little likelihood that one stands a chance of getting infected from a body, if treated well,” said Amoth.

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